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We need your help to raise the £2 million needed to turn our vision into reality. There are many ways in which you can become involved and help us raise these vital funds.

Give On-line

You can make a single donation or regular contributions to the project online through our MyDonate Donation page.

Run a Sponsored Event

Are you able to raise funds for us by running a sponsored event?  Perhaps you might run a marathon, or climb a mountain, or whatever takes your fancy.

Visit our MyDonate Fundraising page to start fundraising.

Sponsor someone

If you want to sponsor someone who is raising money for the Pilgrim Project, please enter their name here and press Go:

Why are we using MyDonate?

Many people have raised money over the years using the JustGiving website. However, for this service, JustGiving charges £18 per month, and also keeps 5% of any money raised on-line. We are sure you would rather the money you raised went direct to the project. MyDonate is run by BT as part of its social responsibility programme, and does not charge us either a monthly fee or commission. We think that’s a winner!

Make a Pledge

If you would like to pledge a donation or to give regularly to this project, you may print out and complete our Donation Form, and return it to The Treasurer, The Pilgrim Project, Farnham United Reformed Church, South Street, Farnham, Surrey, GU9 7QU.

Donation Form

Donation Form

Can your business or charity help?

We need to raise over £780,000 from individuals, businesses and charitable trusts outside the church.  If your business or charity would be able to help by providing sponsorship or a grant, or if you know somebody else who could, please let us know.

Support us in other ways

If you are unable to offer financial help  but would be able to assist in another way, please contact us with further information.

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