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Farnham United Reformed ChurchFarnham United Reformed Church and its graceful spire occupy a landmark position in our fine town. People have been worshipping in our beautiful building for the past 150 years. Many people and community groups use the building on a daily basis. Those of us who worship here on a Sunday love our building, however, we recognise that it is no longer fit for purpose and needs to be brought up to 21st century standards. Our plans will enable us to provide much improved facilities.

We intend to embark on a series of a ambitious projects to make our building a better resource for the benefit of everyone in our community.

In particular, we will bring our building up to date, making it strong for the future and environmentally friendly by:

  • Rebuilding the outdated extension at the back, converting it to a new single storey hall including meeting rooms, kitchen and other facilities accessible to all;
  • Carrying out essential renovation work to the exterior stonework and spire;
  • Creating a flexible, hospitable and multi-purpose area for worship and other activities;
  • Renewing our heating, lighting and sound systems;
  • Improving our Spire Coffee Bar, which is open six days a week.

We want the building to benefit everyone and provide Farnham with a continuing and sustainable community hub.

Why the Pilgrim Project?

Vibrant Community

Vibrant Community

You may be wondering why “The Pilgrim Project”. A pilgrim is a person who travels from place to place. Farnham lies on the path of the ancient Pilgrim’s Way from Winchester to Canterbury. Pilgrims have walked along this way for some 900 years since the 1170s. It has remained a symbolic route and is still used by many walkers today, though it is now known as the North Downs Way. We see ourselves as 21st century pilgrims on a journey through the life and work of our Church. We want to continue to share our building but to make it work better for all in Farnham and to ensure the building remains a vibrant and viable heart of our beautiful town for centuries to come.

Partnership with others

Farnham United Reformed and Methodist Churches have decided to unify into a single new church in Farnham town centre.

We also plan to build on our relationship with the many community groups and diverse organisations in Farnham that already use our building and look forward to forging new relationships.

How do we plan to make this happen?

At this stage in the project, we have completed a feasibility study, and project design.  We have consulted with members of our church, with other users of the building, and with the wider community, to refine our requirements and come up with more detailed proposals and designs.

Over the next few years, we plan to initiate three separate and distinct projects to deliver our vision:

  • Project 1: Remove pews from the Sanctuary.  Renovate Large Hall.  Build new foyer and community cafe.
  • Project 2: Renovate Sanctuary
  • Project 3: Rebuild existing halls.

More details are on our Plans page.

Can you help us?

Welcome to the Spire Coffee Bar!

Welcome to the Spire Coffee Bar!

We need your help to raise the £2 million needed to turn our vision into reality. There are many ways in which you can become involved and help us raise these vital funds.

Please visit our Giving page for full details of how you can donate, including Gift Aid.

If you are unable to offer financial help  but would be able to assist in another way, please contact us with further information.




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